Concept West

Book Design


The Ringing Cedars Series, Book One (of 8)

Tree of Sighs

A Novel

Fateful Encounters

A Novel

All that the World Has to Offer

A Memoir, Volume One (of 2)

Betrayal 101

A College Saga

If I Can, You Can

Transformation Made Easy

Change Making

Tactics and Resources for Managing Organizational Change

Leadership in Kidney Care

The NANI Story

Into Love’s Abyss

A Novel

Life’s Final Season

A Guide for Aging and Dying with Grace

The Tangled Pteranodon

The Young Dinosaur Chronicles, Book Two

The Date Fruit Elegies

A Poetry Book

The Fall of Man

A Reality or an Illusion?

Restoring Character in America

A Guide

Heaven on Eartha

A Novel

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